We are delighted to bring to you a new way of interviewing – Samuel Knight Connect.

Samuel Knight Connect is our new online video interviewing platform bringing clients and candidates together, refining the interview process, delivering an effective yet engaging recruitment delivery through the power of video.

Clients – identify the best talent for your business.

Our clients can enjoy two way interviews, with dual, split screen functionality, solo interviews and candidate shortlist videos

Samuel Knight Connect makes it easier for clients to select the talent they need in an instant, reducing time spent on internal recruitment processes.

Candidates – stand out from the crowd.

Samuel Knight Connect allows candidates to demonstrate skills verbally, providing the ultimate, personable interview experience.

Our video tool allows you to impress potential employers, gain an insight into the job you are applying for and showcase skills and qualifications.

Simple and easy to use, SKI Connect is the ultimate interview video platform.

Access our virtual meeting rooms below: