Let’s talk about the green skills gap.

A report by Friends of the Earth is calling for wider discussion and strategic action to enable ‘green’ employment opportunities for young people – the next generation of workers.

As our planet heats up at a staggering rate, our natural resources diminish, and our global economy catapults into an increasing period of uncertainty – hope is on the horizon, in the form of the green build back.

The world is waking up to the power of renewable energy, the Paris climate agreement has now been signed by 195 countries – demonstrating an incredible transition to turnaround climate change, and reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

How as a global economy, can we transition to a carbon-neutral world?

We must first take a look at the current skills infrastructure to support the change-over.

Expert skills will be required, at a phenomenal rate to ensure a clean energy future.

The Friends of the Earth report highlights that young people are calling out for an education that supports green jobs.

The education system and the current curriculum model must be re-evaluated to align with the jobs needed now and in the future.

According to the report, the global pandemic, in the UK, has created a youth employment crisis, with over half a million young people uncertain of their future, the numbers are sadly set to grow, Friends of the Earth estimate this figure could double.

The green industries hold the key to potentially changing this crisis, the UK Government will be investing billions into renewables, surely supporting the next generation with career prospects to enable their future and close the skills gap is the answer?

The renewable energy industry is a highly innovative, fast-paced area and demands up to the minute skills to support project development.

Significant skills gaps and shortages in sectors essential for delivering net-zero climate goals are already apparent, it’s never been more vital to address this burgeoning issue.

Green Apprenticeships have been poised as a solution that would not only help our school and university leavers’ access opportunities, but the industry as a whole would benefit from new talent, eager to make a difference.

Alarming statistics accompany the report – across the UK, if all currently unemployed 16-24-year-olds stayed unemployed for 1 year, they are projected to lose £32 – £39 billion in wages in the next 20 years.

A catastrophic generational impact can be changed with investment and support from the UK Government to turn around this employment issue and make a difference for our young people.

We must listen and support our young people, they want a sustainable future, they want opportunity, they want a greener and cleaner planet for the next generation and beyond.

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