If you’ve been following our latest developments, you’ll be aware that Samuel Knight has been expanding its presence in the US under its American division, SKI Corp, and now has a brand-new office based in Chicago. With plans in the pipeline to open a base on the ground in Orlando, Boston and California very soon, I’m sure you can imagine that it’s a very busy time for us.  Recently, to see how things are getting on, and to catch up with our US contacts, our associate director of energy, Dave Allen, visited the US. Here’s what he got up to and what you need to know about SKI Corp’s expansion.

A bit about Dave

Firstly, here’s a bit about Dave for those of you who don’t know too much about him. Dave Allen is an integral part of the team and is, in fact, a founding member. He was recently promoted to Associate Director of Energy for SKI Corp and will be one of the main people developing the American team on the ground, while supporting business development across the cities Samuel Knight will be active in.

Getting everything kicked-off

Dave had a jam-packed five days in the States, busy getting familiar with the Chicago space and speaking to our exciting US clients. He jetted off from our headquarters in Newcastle to Chicago before visiting Orlando.

As Dave will be moving to Chicago with a few members of the UK team to support expansion, he spent some time getting to know the area. The new office is based in the centre of the vibrant city, right next to The Loop, making it easily accessible for employees and perfect for visiting clients and candidates.

Although there wasn’t much time for sightseeing, Dave was able to have an in-depth catch up with some of our clients, who are all excited for what we can achieve together in the New Year. Dave was also able to get a better understanding of what the core energy challenges and trends will be in 2020. Both Chicago and Orlando are expecting a boom in renewable energy in the upcoming year, and right now is the perfect time for Samuel Knight to leverage its expertise.

Why it’s important for Samuel Knight International to expand its US presence

Although Samuel Knight has always operated globally, it’s vital for us to expand our presence on the ground in the States so that we are able to provide face-to-face support to our clients. Next year is expected to be extremely challenging, with renewable energy projects outpacing the number of professionals in the sector, talent shortages will be even more acute than they already are.

Energy companies will need to leverage the expertise of professional, industry specialist recruiters, like SKI Corp, in order to attract the best talent, and ensure that they create sustainable talent pools for the inevitable, on-going energy demands.

SKI Corp expansion: The next step

We’re in serious growth mode right now and we’re excited to see what the future has in store for us. We achieved an immense amount within our first few years of operation with our aggressive five-year growth plan, and there’s no doubt that we’ll replicate this success going forward.

For now, we’re excited to bring on new employees and mirror the energy we have in our European offices in the US, building a team that is dedicated to helping find innovative solutions to support our clients and ensure energy targets are achieved.

A few words from our CEO

Commenting on Dave’s activities in the US and SKI Corp’s expansion, Global CEO of Samuel Knight International, Steve Rawlingson, said: “We have big plans for SKI Corp so it’s great to have Dave Allen on board to help me scale the business. Dave is also a founding team member who has consistently been a high achiever in the company managing one of the UK’s largest ever Electrification projects that generated over £2 million pounds worth of NFI for SKI Rail.”


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