Recruitment success: Samuel Knight International celebrates its fifth anniversary


Raise your glass, we are celebrating our fifth anniversary! It is incredible to look back at our beginning back in Newcastle in 2014 and reflect on how far we have come together as a business. Over the past five years we have cemented ourselves as the leading global recruitment and project man-power specialist and along the way even become a Great British Entrepreneur award-winning firm with a record-breaking £16 million turnover! And this is just the beginning. We certainly have no intention of slowing down any time soon and we are currently in the midst of our aggressive five-year growth plan with our next phase of international expansion in the pipelines. But some of our readers may be wondering, how did we get to where we are today?

The vision
The vision began with our founder Steve Rawlingson craving to break the restraints of his current position at a recruitment firm and branch out on his own. Having noticed an acute skills shortage within the rail and energy sector, he was determined to create a business that will address the problem from the ground up and shake up the industry. Once Steve secured the financial investment he needed to help achieve his vision, he set out to turn Samuel Knight International into what it is today. The values that the business was built on, being fearless, passionate and striving for the best was inspired by Steve’s grandfather, Samuel, who never feared risk or the unknown. A true knight.

Achieving recruitment success with a leading team
As we all know, a company is only as good as its people. And we are fortunate that we have some of the very best talent supporting us! Our humble beginning started off with only four consultants, but each person within the company shared the same vision of success and growth. Despite being heavily sales-led, we focussed on creating a team-orientated environment, and that spirit hasn’t faded in our team which has now grown to 45. Much of our success stems from our collaborative work ethic that is driven by our managers supporting each member of staff to reach their full potential. In recent months we have noted a massive growth spurt and welcomed onboard several new recruits to support us in our business growth. Our expanded team includes new senior team members and fresh talent starting off in the industry.

Location, location, location
Everything kicked off in our small office based in Newcastle. While most start-ups thrive in established cities such as London or Manchester, we knew that the north-Eastern metropolis would make for an excellent headquarter. Benefitting from access to a world class university and a thriving technology sector, we were lucky to have an abundance of inspiration surrounding us. Going against the rhetoric that the capital is the only place for business growth, we’re proud to be an example that Newcastle is indeed a fantastic and opportunist city for recruitment success. In addition to our original space, we also have offices in Bristol, London and some exciting international openings on the horizon too.

What has the future got in store for us
While working on recreating the success of our Newcastle office around the globe, we always keep in mind that Samuel Knight has a corporate social responsibility to uphold. It’s close to our heart that we give back to all of our stakeholders and local community, and we do this by positioning our self as a STEM ambassador. Our CEO Steve often spends time visiting local schools and encouraging young people to pursue engineering careers. As we have mentioned before, there is a dire skills shortage in the energy sector, and without people like Steve putting in the ground work, there won’t be much change in regenerating things.

Ambition runs through the foundations of our work and we have set some high goals going into the future to continue our recruitment success. We are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve and investing in leading technology to set us apart. With this drive, we aim to one day become a £100 million-pound company and enter ‘The Sunday Times Best Companies To Work.’ If you stay tuned for our next few blogs, you will see that we are undoubtedly well on the way.

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