Maximise business growth by developing a world-class recruitment leadership team


Maximise business growth with a world-class recruitment leadership team

Building a strong leadership team is crucial for any firm that wants to maximise its business’ growth potential. Developing individuals that will fly a banner for your company while upholding your values can be one of the most beneficial investments an organisation can make during its infancy. In fact, over the last four years, Samuel Knight has gone from strength-to-strength and we credit it all to our fantastic employees. Under the right leadership, we grew our team from four to fifty, opened offices in Newcastle, London and Bristol, and became a £16 million turnover company. With such success under our belt, it’s no wonder we won team of the year at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards!
If you’re wondering how we made this happen, here’s our advice to replicate this success.

Identify your managerial team

In the first instance, it’s important to identify the leaders in your business. Your managerial team and potential leaders should stick out like a sore thumb. It’s likely that their enthusiasm and motivation seeps out and infects the rest of the team – a hugely powerful attribute when we consider that you can teach a person leadership skills, but you can’t teach them motivation. It is important to find people who have the desire to grow, take on challenges and build their own skillset. However, be careful when assembling your team, as promoting an individual who is not yet ready may scare them away for good.

Additionally, there are managerial skills and qualities that make an employee within an organisation a crucial asset to the team. These abilities are often a combination of core soft skills and specific insight into a business. When utilised correctly, these attributes can be used to advocate brand awareness and reinforce company culture. An individual that shows managerial potential is seen as a leader and a person in your team that others will look to for motivation and support.

Know which skills to develop in your recruitment leadership team

Staff must receive the right training and support en-route to a management level position. However, as our CEO, Steve Rawlingson highlighted in a recent article, while having a strong leadership team in place is important, it is not the only thing to consider when trying to scale a business. Having strong values is crucial, and here at Samuel Knight, we implemented our four key principles: people, strategy, execution and cash, to achieve business growth.

A person that excels in managerial qualities is highly capable of decision-making, time management and problem solving, but these qualities should continually be developed and encouraged. However, while all leaders should demonstrate these key skills, situational attributes can’t be ignored. To thrive in a leadership role, individuals must know their team like the back of their hand. They should take into consideration each member’s strengths and weaknesses and then evaluate any skill gaps. It is a team leader’s responsibility to ensure that staff feel supported and confident enough to work productively.

By developing a manager’s ability to effectively evaluate and make firm decisions like this, the organisation can benefit from smoother operations and increased productivity. Without this attribute in place, improving workplace efficiency and team structure will be difficult.

Let your recruitment leadership team build trust

Assembling your all-star leadership team is just the beginning. Ensure that they continue to succeed by teaching them how to delegate wisely. Future managers should be confident in assigning tasks to other employees. This builds a greater sense of trust within the team and consequently healthier relationships. Employees will feel more valued and, more importantly, they will have a chance to demonstrate new potential. This may be difficult for some managers as they naturally like to be in charge, however, they should be reminded that a controlling leader is a failing one.

Have a ‘leadership’ rather than ‘management’ approach

A manager’s job description often encompasses a diverse array of duties. As they are responsible for a number of people, they need thorough knowledge of each person’s role and flexibility towards all tasks. In order to successfully manage a group of people, they should distinguish themselves as a leader, rather than a ‘manager’. This can be achieved by leading from the front and creating rhythms within the team to execute strategies.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills should be second nature to every manager. Individuals in the leadership team should have strong emotional intelligence – after all, they are dealing with people. Managers should also, over time, be able to develop a sixth sense in detecting when things aren’t quite right. Most importantly, when things do go pear-shaped, they must make themselves open and approachable to all staff.

Here at Samuel Knight, we have had great success in building our leadership team through thoughtful external mentoring and plenty of one-to-one sessions. We surround ourselves with good people and support the transition from employee to manager with sufficient training and guidance. By giving staff exposure to the right experience and ensuring internal development across all business functions, each individual is given the chance to emerge as a rising star. Perhaps more importantly for our business, having invested in developing this team, we’ve watched our firm thrive.
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