5 Ways To Stay Motivated During Your Job Search



Job hunting can be a long and frustrating affair, making it easy to feel disheartened as the process drags on and the rejections pile up. However, it’s important to realise that everyone feels the same way and experiences the same feelings when going through this process. This makes it vitally important to stay focussed and motivated as time goes on, in order to keep being productive! But how do you stay motivated through it all? Here are 5 ways we think work:

1. Get yourself into a routine

In some ways it may seem nice to be free of the constraints of day-to-day working life but that doesn’t mean you should let your routine slip. Without a routine you’ll find that the days seem to drift by too easily and result in you not making the progress you’d hoped for or completing the tasks you’d challenged yourself to finish.

Try starting early and breaking up your day in a similar way to a normal working day. This will help you get into a good habit of working through the day and finishing at a sensible time, giving you important time to relax on an evening. It also means you’ll be around to answer any job-related phone calls you may receive throughout the day!

As part of your routine decide on achievable goals each day. Whether that’s to set yourself the task of spending an hour looking through the jobs and compiling a shortlist, or to spend time amending your CV ahead of a phone call with your chosen recruiter, it’ll all help you stay motivated.

2. Keep a positive attitude

Being rejected from a job can be a big disappointment but what can be even more frustrating during your job hunt is not hearing anything back for a few days on end. Unfortunately, due to the high amounts of CV’s recruiters and organisations receive they sometimes do take a while to get back to you about the progress of your application. In these moments it is important to stay positive and focus on the bigger picture. An appreciation that your job hunt will take time is a good way to start!

If you’re sick of looking through job boards do something else for a bit to help you remain positive! For example, you could spend some time on your CV. If you are doing this, why not check out our top tips on how to make your CV stand out to recruiters by clicking here.

3. Talk to your trusted recruiter regularly

If you’re working with a recruiter to try and find a new position it’s always worth giving them a call to discuss how things are progressing and to consider your next plan of action. This will help you stay positive! Your recruiter is likely to have more insight knowledge of the process their client has to work through in order to make a decision and more importantly they’ll hopefully know exactly what stage of that process they’re at. Even if it’s only a case of your recruiter telling you that they’re still waiting for feedback, it will put your mind at ease and feel safe in the knowledge you’re still being considered for the role

4. Take breaks

All work and no play isn’t a recipe for success in this game! What you’ll often find is that taking short breaks concentrating on something different entirely will help to maximise your productivity. Whether you’re popping out for a coffee or taking the dog for a quick walk to get some fresh air, breaks help to reinvigorate you. Instead of worrying that these breaks are taking you away from the task at hand, you should instead focus on the benefits they’ll be giving and relish the time recharging your batteries.

5. Evaluate your progress

When motivation starts to dwindle and you begin to feel disillusioned, why not take a look at the progress you’ve made to that point? Yes, at this point in time, you may have not achieved your ultimate goal of securing a job, but you’ll usually find that you still have lots to feel good about. Maybe you’ve managed to secure an interview, had positive feedback from a previous interview, had your CV put forward by a recruiter for an exciting position or maybe you’ve just managed to update your CV and uploaded it on some job sites. All of these are achievements in their own right are part of your journey towards securing a job and for this they should be reasons to feel a sense of achievement and motivated to keep going on.


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